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A NYIHA is as fierce as a warrior, regardless of gender. NYIHA MEDIA elevates smart, courageous voices. We cover global affairs from our New York City headquarter as well as local news and world cinema.

We have a diverse body of work. We promote great contents that traverse borders because cross-border collaboration results in inclusive and richer stories. For instance, addressing the climate crisis is not a solitary endeavor. It requires journalists to collaborate effectively, often across borders, to achieve resilience.

Photo Credit: UN News

Our expert journalists report the facts about the climate crisis, how climate change is affecting us, and what solutions are possible. We also conduct structured, in-depth interviews to hear from people in their own voices. NYIHA TV maintains editorial independence in all of its programming and decision-making.

NYIHA TV works closely with content creators through multiple stages of production and engagement including: film grants, content creation, event planning, artist interviews, and/or distribution.

We open our channels for 100+ content creators to share their stories with wider audiences. We increase recognition for successful work and offer filmmakers opportunities to build on our powerful and influential reach by aligning messaging, strategies and operations with their artistic aspirations.

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