Dr. Steeve Coupeau Goes One‐on‐One with Esther Debbie Louis, District Leader for Assembly District 58, Brooklyn

2 min readApr 25, 2022


NYIHA MEDIA: What prompted you to organize the Haitian-Creole Language Round table Event entitled “Haitians Have Rights! We have a Right to Vote”?

District Leader: Haitian‐Americans represent the second largest voting bloc in NYC. We are constantly left out of conversations. It is time to have an honest conversation about our rights and explore about what we can do with our voting power.

NYIHA MEDIA: What challenges and opportunities do you see for Haitian‐Americans interested in voting?

District Leader: The challenge we face is misunderstanding what our elected officials have access to and what they can do for us. Yes, they are elected to help! But to do what? And to what extent?

Esther Debbie Louis, District Leader AD58

NYIHA MEDIA: Can you talk about your trajectory which culminated in you becoming the District Leader for Assembly District 58?

District Leader: The work of a District Leader starts before being elected. I am constantly educating my constituents, growing relationships and learning about community needs. This helps me to continue serving the people.

NYIHA MEDIA: What is the biggest takeaway which you hope that attendees would remember about this event?

District Leader: I hope attendees learn how to vote and why it is important to vote. I am creating a space for folks to network, meet their elected officials, and the agencies that serve them. This event allows me to interact with the community and guide attendees through the process of reaching out to NY City and NY State agencies.




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